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Ingenieros Civiles

Play a part in making your city grow.

Whether it's a waterslide, bridge, airport, or just the road we drive on, there is one job that can design them all.

Civil Engineers oversee the designing and building of structures in the public and private sectors; every bridge, dam, sewage system, building, airport, tunnel, or road you see started as a design imagined by a civil engineer. Naturally, they must be familiar with all types of construction given the range of projects in which they find themselves involved. Civil Engineers spend time in both the office working on designs and on construction sites leading teams.

The Gulf Coast region employs many engineers and faces a growing demand to fill upcoming vacancies as many baby boomers retire.

The region's explosive population growth of the past several years requires continuous improvement and expansion of infrastructure, which in turn drives demand for Civil Engineers.

 Civil Engineers in the Gulf Coast Region is predicted to grow from 11,070 to 14,000 between 2014 and 2024

Civil Engineers Openings

Civil Engineers earn more than 1.5 times the region's median annual wage just entering the field...


Bar Graph detailing Median, Entry, and Experienced Wages for Civil Engineers are all higher than the median wage for all occupations in the region                          

What areas of interest would civil engineering satisfy?*

These skills, interests, and knowledge areas are recommended for a career in civil engineering. Los siguientes datos describen la importancia relativa de cada área del conocimiento/habilidad según la opinión de quienes están en la industria.



Ingeniería y tecnología 

Knowledge and interests in practical applications of engineering sciences to apply to the production of construction.


Building & Construction

Understanding materials, methods, and tools used for construction.



Interest in and knowledge of the techniques and tools used for precision drawings, blueprints, and models.


Customer/Clientele Interaction

Meeting the quality of customer satisfaction by conveying ideas effectively and listening/understanding others.


Derecho y educación cívica

Knowing about or where to find the information about legal guidelines that must be following in engineering and construction.

*Fuente: Texas Career Check.

Si está interesado, prepárese con tiempo

Aval de la escuela secundaria: STEM

Civil engineering can be started early with advanced math and science courses in highschool to prep for college!

Most civil engineers start out with at least a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, but 1 in 4 go on to a master's degree either directly or after years of working. Civil engineering courses are divided by the specialization, but all courses include a mix of classroom learning, laboratory work, and fieldwork. Those with a master's degree have a better chance of promotion into senior managerial positions, but licensure can be another helpful alternative for career advancement.

Licensure is available in the form of a professional engineer (P.E.) license for which the engineer in Texas must have:

Useful Tech for a Head Start

  • Programas de diseño asistido por computadora (CAD, en inglés): Autodesk AutoCAD; Dassault Systemes CATIA; PTC Creo Parametric
  • Graphics/Photo Imaging Software: Adobe Fireworks;
  • Map Creation Software (GIS): ESRI ArcGIS software; ESRI ArcView
  • Project Management: Cost estimating software; Microsoft Project; Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Civil Engineering Programs and Opportunities available in or surrounding the region


Major Employers

Similar Occupations: Ingenieros geólogos y mineros, Health and Safety Engineers, Architectural and Engineering Managers

Se puede encontrar información adicional sobre carrera en ingeniería en Sociedad de Ingenieros Profesionales de Texas.


Si tiene preguntas acerca de nuestros Perfiles profesionales/industriales o es una organizacion en la región de la Costa del Golfo comuníquese con

*Incluye los siguientes condados: Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Walker, Waller y Wharton.

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