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Secondary School Career & Technical Education (CTE) Teachers

Teach what you love to do!

High school CTE teachers specialize in helping students prepare for future careers by providing them with hands-on experience in their field of study. Whether it's healthcare or mechanics, learning "hard" skills while still in high school increases the chances that a student will go on to pursue a technical profession in the future. Often times bringing industry experience, CTE teachers work both theoretically and practically, creating challenges that their students are likely to encounter in the real-world. CTE teachers can take pride in knowning they help grow the skilled workforce that employers need.

CTE Instructors will be in demand over the next ten years to prepare a more advanced workforce.


21%b growth

They maintain a steady and comfortable income teaching something they love.


Entry-Level- $53031 median- $63153 experience- $72567

Is being a CTE Teacher right for you?*

These skills, interests, and knowledge areas are recommended for a career as an educator. The percentage indicate the level of important of each of the skills.


Education & Training Instruction

Principles and methods for curriculum and training design with interest in passing knowledge to others and measuring the training effects


Aptitudes comunicativas

Giving full attention to others and what they are saying while also conveying your own ideas clearly and concisely.


Service Oriented & Social Coordination

Looking for ways to help people and adjusting actions in relation to others' action, specifically for the purposes of being understood.

*Fuente: Texas Career Check

What does it take to be a CTE Educator?

Aval: Public Service

Career and Technical Education teachers must have at least a bachelor's degree and have years of hands-on experience in the area they are going to be teaching. Depending on the field being taught, employers may prefer licensure or certification in that field as well (e.g. Nursing classes would need a teacher who was an RN or LVN). Most important is the desire to share experiences and teach the students.

To be any kind of teacher in Texas, the teacher must have their teaching certification from the State Board of Educator Certification.  

Programas alternativos certificados

Los programas alternativos certificados resultan atractivos para quienes inicialmente no hayan optado por seguir una carrera docente. Muchos distritos escolares ofrecen certificaciones en programas alternativos. Las personas que tengan un título universitario de una universidad acreditada, y que deseen ser docentes, deben contactarse con los distritos escolares particulares para obtener más información.

 **Se puede obtener más información en la Junta Directiva Estatal para la Certificación Docente (SBEC) y la Junta de Coordinación para la Educación Superior de Texas (THECB).

**La Texas Education Agency (TEA) también ofrece una gran cantidad de información sobre diversos temas de interés para docentes actuales y futuros.

Helpful Technical Skills

  • Computer-based Training Software: Blackboard Learn, Desire2Learn, or Sakai CLE
  • Presentation Software: Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Database Interfaces: Microsoft Access, Oracle, Visual FoxPro

Programas de preparación para educadores de la Costa del Golfo de México

La Junta Directiva Estatal para la Certificación Docente aprobó los programas de preparación para educadores como parte de los programas universitarios que ofrecen las siguientes instituciones del área. Para obtener más información sobre estos programas universitarios, además de licenciaturas y programas alternativos/acelerados, visite Sistema en línea de certificación para educadores (ECOS).


 Principales empleadores en la
Región de la Costa del Golfo de México

 Principales escuelas subvencionadas
 en la Costa del Golfo de México


If you have questions about our Industry/Occupation Profiles or are an organization in the Gulf Coast Region, please contact

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