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How to Become an Approved Basic Skills Training Vendor

Basic Skills Training-Are courses or programs that will generally equip customers with the ability and understanding necessary to enter the workforce and be an active participant in work across a variety of occupations. We've organized basic skills courses and programs into three different categories -those that teach computer skills, those teach adult basic education (literacy, remedial education and GED preparation), and those that teach job readiness skills.

We provide an application form for vendors to complete and submit with the required attachments.

  1. Download, fill out, print, and sign the basic skills training vendor application form.

  2. Mail the application form with the required attachments to:
    Workforce Solutions Financial Aid Office
    ATTN: Anthony Gillum
    PO Box 741361
    Houston, TX 77274-1361

  3. As a part of the application process, new applicants can expect to receive a visit from Workforce Solutions staff to their training facilities. You will be contacted to schedule a convenient time for the visit.

  4. Una vez aprobado, se completará y se enviará el contrato para su firma. Un vez completo el contrato, usted será elegible para brindar servicios a clientes de Workforce Solutions.

  5. All approved Basic Skill educational and training programs are listed on Workforce Solutions' Basic Skills List. Una vez revisada y aprobada su solicitud, la misma estará enumerada aquí.

El procedimiento de solicitud puede demorar hasta 60 days to complete

Annual application renewal process
We approve programs and services for one year. Basic skills vendors must complete and submit a new application every year in order to remain a vendor with Workforce Solutions.

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