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Back to Work - Providing Reemployment Assistance

Workforce Solutions helps unemployment insurance customers return to work.
If you are responding to our letter about a required orientation, you must complete the following three steps:

Step 1: Schedule an appointment to meet with a Workforce Solutions Professional;
Step 2: Review the Reemployment Services orientation video; and
Step 3: Read the Acuerdo de regreso al trabajo

Important Note: You must complete your orientation within seven (7) days from the orientation date on your RESEA letter.

Workforce Solutions will help you complete your orientation, understand your requirements, and create a plan to get back to work.

Note: If you are already working, please contact the Workforce Solutions office listed on your letter.

How We Can Help
Workforce Solutions can offer resources and assistance to help you find full-time employment that meets your needs. We can provide:

  • Employer listings for open jobs;
  • Professional advice about where to look for work in your field;
  • Customized labor market information to help you choose a good career in a high demand industry; and
  • Financial aid for education or training to help you train for a new career or advance your current skills.

When you get hired, we can provide work support to help you keep your job, such as:

  • Licenses or certificates needed to accept a new position;
  • Tools and/or equipment needed to start work;
  • Clothing items; and
  • Transportation assistance to help you get to work.

Refine Your Job-hunting Techniques

Review our resources available to help you get back to work:

Get the Best Out of is the state's largest online job bank.  To get the best matches to current job openings:

  • Complete "My Personal Profile" on your account;
    The more information you provide us, the better we can find a job that fits you.
  • Make sure your contact information is complete and up to date;
    We want to reach you quickly before a job is filled.
  • Provide a thorough resume;
    We use your resume when we decide who to contact for an interview.
  • Improve your job matches; 
    See the skills employers value when hiring people in your occupation. Diríjase a - Click on "Find Occupations." Put your occupation in "Keyword" and click on "GO." Incorporate these skills and characteristics in your resume and online applications.
  • pulls in job listings from other sources such as private job boards, state job boards, government job boards and more.

View our list of short videos on navigating to help you complete your job search profile and maximize job matches.

Información diaria y semanal importante

Eche un vistazo a los  eventos de reclutamiento de empleadores de Workforce Solutions at various locations throughout the region.

You must schedule an appointment and complete your orientation within seven (7) days from the orientation date on your RESEA letter to maintain your unemployment benefits. Haz clic aquí to schedule now.