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Unemployment & Cares Act

Beneficios de desempleo

Workforce Solutions puede mostrarle cómo solicitar un seguro de desempleo (UI), pero es la Comisión de Fuerza Laboral de Texas (TWC) en Austin la que maneja sus reclamaciones o beneficios. This page will show you how to contact TWC to file a claim, check the status of a claim and your benefits, and more.

COVID-19 Note: We apologize for any difficulty you may have getting through to submit a claim. The Texas Workforce Commission is experiencing an unprecedented number of claims and is making continual changes to keep up with the current demand by adding more staff and increasing both phone lines and computer server capacity.

The best way to apply is online at You will experience fewer delays on the web application during the overnight hours, especially midnight to 5 am.

Effective Monday, April 13, 2020, Tele-Center hours have been expanded to 7 am to 7 pm daily including Sundays. 

TWC encourages you to continue trying.

Effective November 1, 2020, TWC is resuming work search requirements for individuals receiving unemployment insurance (UI).

How to File a New Claim

In order to qualify for Unemployment Insurance, an individual should be separated from their job through no fault of their own, be available for work, and be actively seeking work.

To apply for benefits, you will need:

  • Last employer's business name and address
  • First and last dates (month, day and year) you worked for your last employer
  • Number of hours worked and pay rate if you worked this week (including Sunday)
  • Information related to your normal wage
  • Alien Registration Number (if not a U.S. citizen or national)

Note: If this is your first unemployment claim, you do not need to already have a PIN or reset your PIN before you apply. You will set up your PIN during the application process.

En línea

La forma más rápida y fácil de solicitar sus beneficios del seguro de desempleo es en línea con la Comisión de Fuerza Laboral de Texas (TWC). Podrá presentar su reclamación en cualquier momento, de día o de noche.  Si resulta elegible, su reclamación podrá iniciarse el domingo de la semana que presenta su solicitud. 

Para realizar la solicitud, haga clic en Seguro de desempleo. Allí encontrará instrucciones y solicitudes tanto en inglés como en español.

El sitio web del seguro de desempleo es fácil de usar y tiene un glosario en línea, una página de preguntas frecuentes e información en inglés y en español.  Después de presentar su solicitud, se carga automáticamente el banco de datos de empleos para proporcionarle la comodidad extra de comenzar su búsqueda de empleos inmediatamente.

Debe estar inscrito en, por lo tanto recuerde tomarse el tiempo de completar totalmente la solicitud de empleo y el currículum vitae en línea.  ¡Mientras más información proporcione, más fácil será para usted encontrar un buen trabajo rápidamente!

The TWC online UI benefits application is for regular, initial claims only. 

Por teléfono

If you don't have computer access or you decide to file by phone, you can call a UI Tele-Center toll free at 1-800-939-6631.

COVID-19 Note:

There are apps advertising they assist with the unemployment process; however, these are not official TWC channels and will not establish an unemployment claim. TWC will NOT process or accept any applications for UI benefits from third-party sources. 

TWC is experiencing a lower volume for online applications between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. You may want to try back during those hours to file your claim or check the status of your claim.

How to Request a Payment

Si usted tiene una reclamación de seguro de desempleo activa, puede solicitar el pago del beneficio por teléfono o en línea. Usted necesitará:

  • El importe de sus ingresos semanales (si corresponde)
  • Su registro de búsqueda de trabajo de cada semana

To Request Unemployment Benefits Payments Online: Log on to Servicios de beneficios de desempleoTo Request a Payment by Phone:  After your unemployment claim is on file, call Tele-Serv toll free at 1-800-558-8321.

  • CUÁNDO LLAMAR: Domingos de 8 a.m. a 6 p.m. y de lunes a miércoles de 7 a.m. a 6 p.m.
  • Si pierde la fecha asignada, llame jueves o viernes de 7 a.m. a 6 p.m.

Las personas que necesiten dispositivos de telecomunicación para sordos (TDD) pueden comunicarse con las oficinas de Seguro de desempleo de la Comisión de Fuerza Laboral de Texas usando Relay Texas. Los números son 1-800-735-2989 (TDD) o 1-800-735-2988 (Voz).

Don't wait for a determination to request your payment. You should request payment one to two weeks after you first apply for benefits and every two weeks after that. You can find the date you are scheduled to request payment on your Unemployment Benefits Services (UBS) account or by calling Tele-Serv.

How to Manage and Review Your Claim 

  • Revisar el estado de la reclamación y los pagos. 
    Online - You can check the status of your claim and payments on the Internet. Log on to Estado de la reclamación y los pagos y revise el último pago o un historial de pagos de su reclamación.

    Over the Phone - You can hear the status of your claim and payments by calling Tele-Serv at 1-800-558-8321 and selecting option 2.

  • Reset PIN.
    Online - If you forget your password or User ID, the Logon page has quick links for you to retrieve your User ID or reset your password. To reset your password, you will need to answer security questions that you set up when you created your User ID. Keep your answers to the security questions private, just like your password.

    Over the Phone - You can reset your PIN by calling Tele-Serv at 1-800-558-8321 and providing personal information from your claim, such as your date of birth, Texas driver license or ID number, telephone number, amount of your last benefit payment, or part of your bank/credit union account number. You must be able to provide the requested information to reset your PIN using Tele-Serv. If you are unable to provide it, you may either call back when you have the information or call a Tele-Center at 800-939-6631 to speak with a customer service representative.

  • Change Address. 
    You can change your UI address using the Internet. Log on to Solicitud de pago y haga clic en la opción "Cambiar dirección".

  • Obtener respuestas a preguntas (beneficios, elegibilidad, apelaciones).   
    Podrá encontrar respuestas sobre la solicitud de beneficios, pautas de calificación, apelaciones y elegibilidad leyendo el Manual de Beneficios de Seguro de Desempleo (PDF) y la información sobre seguros de desempleo disponible en Internet.

  • Llamar fuera de las horas pico.  Si ninguno de estos recursos responde sus preguntas, continúe llamando al Centro de Atención Telefónica para seguros de desempleo de la TWC al 1-800-558-8321. El momento más conveniente para llamar es cerca del fin de semana.  Las líneas del Centro de Atención Telefónica están más ocupadas durante la semana.

COVID-19 Specific Resources

Note: All information regarding Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is subject to change at any time due to the changing nature of the pandemic. Please revisit this section regularly for updates.

Effective November 1, 2020, TWC is resuming work search requirements for individuals receiving unemployment insurance (UI).

Effective June 30, 2020, TWC pauses reinstatement of work search requirements for individuals receiving unemployment insurance (UI).

TWC announces that Texas has triggered an Extension Period for Unemployment Benefits

TWC announces that State Unemployment Benefits continue but $600 Federal Payment Ends July 25.

  • TWC COVID-19 Resources for Job Seekers

  • Return to Work: TWC offers guidance to unemployment claimants concerning how a refusal to accept rehire may impact their continued eligibility for unemployment benefits. June 22, 2020, TWC provides acceptable reasons for work refusal.

    Caution Regarding Fraudulent Calls: TWC advises those applying for Unemployment Insurance benefits that individuals misrepresenting TWC may capitalize on the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and attempt to secure sensitive, personal information through deceit. 

    If your employment has been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), you may apply for UI benefits. TWC will investigate why you lost your job or why your hours were reduced and mail a decision explaining whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

    What you need to know about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act 
    If you are self-employed, a contract worker, or previously worked in a position that did not report wages, you may qualify for unemployment. If you applied for unemployment benefits but lacked the necessary wages to qualify, no action is needed. TWC will determine if you qualify under the new stimulus bill and notify you by mail or electronic correspondence of your eligibility.

    TWC encourages those who have not yet applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) as a result of COVID-19 to apply now. When applying, individuals affected by the pandemic should indicate that as the reason they lost their job. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance provides up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits for persons impacted by COVID-19 and covers individuals who are self-employed, who otherwise would not qualify for regular unemployment compensation, or who have exhausted state benefits.

    Unemployment guidance for self-employed, contract, and gig workersTWC advises self-employed, contract, and gig workers who have lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic to apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).

    Unemployment Insurance Benefits Extensions: no action is needed by those claimants who may have recently exhausted, or will soon exhaust, their Unemployment Insurance (UI). TWC will determine if you qualify for additional benefits under any of the pandemic unemployment programs and notify you by mail or electronic correspondence. We encourage you to make sure your address and email are up to date with TWC so that we can reach you.

    FAQ's for Laid-off Teachers and other Education Employees

  • TWC COVID-19 Resources for Employers

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Los Programas Nacionales de Almuerzos y Desayunos en las Escuelas brindan comidas a todos los niños en las escuelas. Estos programas nutricionales son un recurso muy necesario para las familias que se encuentran desempleadas debido a la situación económica actual. To see if your children are eligible to receive free or reduced price meals under these programs, check Pautas de ingreso para almuerzo escolar.

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