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Bus & Truck Mechanics / Diesel Engine Specialists

Take a look under the hood at this job!

Did you know that on average 480,000 school buses, 96,000 public buses and 35,000 privately owned coach buses traverse the nation's roads every day? That doesn't even include commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and other vehicles that run on diesel engines.

Bus & Truck Mechanics / Diesel Engine Specialists diagnose and fix mechanical issues affecting diesel engines in a wide range of commerical vehicles ranging from public transportation buses to school buses to long-haul trucks. They often find themselves working in noisy repair shops in sometimes cramped conditions depending on the type of repair needed.

Bus & Truck Mechanics / Diesel Engine Specialists have a median annual wage roughly $9,000 above the median for all occupations!

 EntryLevel- $35,878 Median- $47,925 Experience- $56,585

The Gulf Coast Region will need 21 percent more mechanics by 2026!

   Estimates show an annual job opening of 923!

Transfers-492 Growth-167 Retirements- 264

Top Industries Bus & Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists

How do you become Diesel Engine Specialist?

High School Endorsement: Business & Industry

After earning a high school diploma or the equivalent, bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists can immediately begin on the job training, but employers are leaning more and more to those who have taken postsecondary courses in automotive repair and electronics, with a mix of hands-on training. As diesel engines become more and more electrical, the viability of general mechanics to transition into this field decrease with a higher need for high-skill workers.

Though not required, a general certification from the National Institute for Automotive Excellence can demonstrate a competence and skillset that appeal to employers. Diesel mechanics can even become certified in more specialized areas offered by the same organization after they have acquired more hands-on experience in the field. In addition, a commercial driver's license (CDL) is often required by employers so the mechanics can test drive the vehicles they fix for any other malfunctions.

Gulf Coast Region Bus & Truck Mechanic Programs

Ofrecen capacitación según la demanda

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