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Desarrolladores de software, aplicaciones

Do you have an App for That? You Could Make One...

Applications Software Developers design, test, and maintain customized software to make sure its running efficiently. La gama de aplicaciones con las que trabajan es amplia y puede incluir la creación y coordinación de bases de datos y el trabajo como supervisor de otros programadores.

Compared to the systems software developers, application software developers focus on the intricacies of their programs to create an efficient and lasting cog for the larger machine. Application developers have a narrower focus in developing and micromanaging the code.

As technology gets more and more sophisticated demand for applications software developers will continue to rise creating great job opportunities. Organizations and businesses rely more and more on computer technology to operate efficiently in the competitive global market, so the Gulf Coast region employs a large number of Applications Software Developers and faces an increasing challenge to fill upcoming vacancies.

There are a variety of industries Systems Software Developer can be found


Top 5 Industries

The number of Applications Software Developers in the region is expected to grow by 31 percent by 2026

31% Growth

Estimates show an annual job opening of 1,294!

growth 384 retire 198 transfer 712

Applications Software Developers start out earning well over the region's average and continue to see their salaries rise!

Entry-Level- $73725 median- $109391 experience- $128,137

Does becoming a Application Software Developer match your interests?

These skills, interests, and knowledge areas are recommended for a career as a lawyer. Los siguientes números describen la importancia relativa de cada área del conocimiento/habilidad para el puesto.


Computers & Electronics

Knowing both operations and basic programming of computers, hardware, software and other electronic equipment



Knowing various coding languages with the purpose to write programs



Knowing arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and their theories to apply them to real world problems


Problem Sensistivity & Reasoning

The ability to pinpoint and evaluate a current or future problem, finding its source, causation, and a potential solution

*Fuente: Texas Career Check

Planee con tiempo convertirse en un desarrollador de software de aplicaciones.

Aval de la escuela secundaria: Business & Industry | STEM

High school students can get started early by taking mathematics and science classes, being sure to keep their GPA high and stay on their endorsement track to get the best chance at competitive bachelor's programs. 

Entrants generally require a bachelor's degree with emphasis in computer science, information systems, mathematics, software engineering or a related field. Earning a master's degree will make a person much more marketable and some of the more complex jobs require will require it for future advancement (for example: becoming an information technology (IT) project manager who oversees all software development).

This occupation requires frequent upgrades to skills and knowledge bases for constantly changing technology. 

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Tecnología útil para conocer

  • Database Management Software: Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig, or MongoDB
  • Enterprise Application Integration Software: Extensible markup language XML, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, or IBM WebSphere
  • Object Oriented Development Software: Apache Spark, C++, Oracle Java, or Python
  • Development Environment Software: Adobe ActionScript, Advanced business application programming ABAP, Apache Maven, or C
  • Web Platform Development Software: AJAX, Google AngularJS, jQuery, or LAMP Stack
  • Operating System Software: KornShell, Linux, or Ubuntu

Programas de computación y títulos relacionados en la Costa del Golfo de México

Programas de computación y títulos relacionados en la Costa del Golfo de México

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Principales empleadores en la región de la Costa del Golfo de México

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