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Comentarios públicos sobre el plan local WIOA

Plan de desarrollo de fuerza laboral local

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board and its operating affiliate, Workforce Solutions, are the public workforce system for the 13-county greater Houston-Gulf Coast region in southeast Texas.

We exist to keep our region the best place to do business, work, and live.  We work to elevate the economic and human potential of our region by fulfilling the diverse needs of the businesses and people we serve.

Nuestras Plan local 2021-24 describes the current and future economic and workforce needs of our region and lays out how the Workforce Board will use its resources to meet those needs.

Notable sections of the plans include:

  • The full range of service options for businesses and individuals

  • A description of current economic conditions, with short-range impact analyses of the COVID-19 pandemic and oil & gas economic downturn.

  • Updates to our Target Industries; High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations; and Where the Jobs Are lists using recently available 2018-28 projection data.

As a public entity, Workforce Solutions is most effective when we have the support of stakeholders in the regional economy and the insights of our customers.  We invite stakeholders, our customers, interested individuals, and the general public to view the draft of the Local Plan and provide feedback.

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aquí to view the plan. 

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board welcomes public comments now through January 21, 2021.

To provide feedback, please email your comments to  We will include all comments we receive in our final plan.

To view the slides from the public comment meeting on January 15, 2021, please haga clic aquí.

Documentos complementarios del plan
Planillas Excel con listas de ocupaciones de gran demanda, ocupaciones en las que enfocarse e industrias de gran demanda
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Texas Workforce Investment Council Requirements
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For reference, the 2017-2020 Local Plan is aquí.

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